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Welcome to Optionsforecast4u! I hope you had some time to look around.


I wanted to give you a quick summery of what Options Forecast is all about. I have been trading stocks and options for a little over 10 years now. My first few years trading were rough. I would blindly enter into stocks or options and had no trading plan. No entry plan, no exit plan. I found myself getting lucky on some and feeling like a genius while seeing great gains but on other trades I would lose quickly and do what most do, average down a loser and lose even more.

Within a couple years I ended up losing the $10,000 I started with in my account and was forced to paper trade until I gained confidence in my trading.


The reason I'm telling you this story is because it's a common mistake with a lot of traders, especially new ones. Common mistakes are not being patient, not having a plan, not entering when you should, not knowing when to exit, did I mention not being patient?

I started watching youtube videos to try and get an edge on the market. Well, fast forward a few years and I finally found a strategy that works!

I put $3,000 into robinhood and within 6 months I turned it into $45,000 and it's been growing ever since. 

But how did I do it?


I trade using Supply and Demand zones. That's my edge! But the real edge is the patience I have in the market. There are days I don't trade and there are days I make 5 trades. I play both calls and puts depending on how the market is looking that day. 

My edge against other and the market is that I'm very patient, I always have a plan on when I'm entering, why I'm entering but most importantly, when to exit the trade.

I don't use moving averages, I don't use RSI. In fact, I just use volume and my charts with zones that I create from looking at candles. 

Another factor to why I'm successful is that I only focus on 12 names: $ES_F $NQ_F $AAPL $AMZN $BA $DIS $FB $MSFT $NFLX $NVDA $ROKU $TSLA

I keep this simple! If you're a new trader or maybe someone that's looking for help in the market. Maybe you want to learn how to chart or why names move the way they do. Well then YOU came to the right place! 

I love sharing knowledge the will hopefully make your wallet grow faster than before

Thanks for reading my story! Hope to see you soon! 

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